Top Ways to Teach your Child about Charity

Giving to charities has become one of the best things that have happened to this generation. More and more people are donating to charities than ever. Not just adults, parents are using this opportunity to teach their children about the importance of giving to people in need.

Parents are involving their children in different donation activities such as picking the charity they want to donate to, writing checks and mailing the envelope. But, charity is not about one-time giving. It is important for parents to instill the value of giving as a way of life for their children.

Here are some of the top ways to help your child acquire the spirit of charity –

  • Every year, allow your child to pick out clothes that they have outgrown and distribute it to different charities. Take your child with you to the institution when you go out to drop the items.
  • Give your children a certain amount of allowance for their chores. Ask them to donate part of the total amount to charities for children of their choice.
  • You should take out time for elderly members of your family every month. Help them out in any way you can and allow your child to help you out too.
  • Make your child’s birthday charitable. You can ask guests to get books or donate to certain charities instead of bringing gifts. You might have to explain to your child about all the things they have and those children who have nothing.

Implementing one or more of the above ideas can help you bring up children that believe in the spirit of giving.